Sergio Cavalieri Filho

Sergio Cavalieri Filho is a retired appellate judge at the Court of the State of Rio de Janeiro, of which he was President in the 2005/2006 biennium. Director-General of the School of Magistrates of the same State (EMERJ) from 2001 to 2004, of which he is also a professor emeritus; he was also President of the now extinct Civil Court of Limited Jurisdiction of RJ. He is a professor of Civil Liability and Consumer Law. Attorney General of the Accounting Court of the State of Rio de Janeiro as of February 2011.

In addition to numerous articles and rulings published in specialized magazines, Sergio Cavalieri Filho is the author of the Civil Liability Program (12th edition, Ed. Atlas) and the Consumer Law Program (4th edition, Ed. Atlas); Comments on the New Civil Code, volume XIII, in the part related to civil liability and credit preference and privileges (arts. 927 to 958), a work produced jointly with the late Justice Carlos Alberto Menezes Direito, published by Editora Forense; Legal Sociology Program, 14th edition, Editora Forense.

As a magistrate and professor for almost 40 years, Sergio Cavalieri gave hundreds of lectures and conferences throughout Brazil, mainly on civil liability and consumer rights.

Leonardo Fiad

Leonardo Fiad graduated from the State University of Rio de Janeiro - UERJ (2001). Post-graduated in State Law (UERJ, 2004) and obtained a LLM from Columbia University, NY (2010), he has been the Attorney of the Accounting Court of the State of Rio de Janeiro since 2002.

Has expertise in the following areas: Public Law in general (with emphasis on Public Bids and Administrative Contracts) and Civil Liability / Dispute Resolution.