Our priorities are ethics, transparency and

objectivity of information.


We have a wide range of experience dealing with matters related to geological episodes, dam ruptures, fires, explosions, machine breakdowns, business interruptions, plane crashes, navigation accidents, cyber-attacks, engineering risks, class actions, judicial and sanctioning administrative proceedings, criminal investigations and inquiries, professional errors, default of contracts in the public and private sectors, environmental damages, among others. Over the past few years, we have worked on some of the most complex - and not so complex - claims that occurred in Brazil and abroad, always acting in the interest of national and foreign insurers and reinsurers.

We have witnessed significant material, human and technological advances in the Brazilian and foreign insurance and reinsurance markets; more than that, we are proud to have contributed to this maintaining the best professional technique and to the needs of our clients, working closely with underwriters, analysts, adjusters, experts, compliance and legal professionals and managers, superintendents and boards, with whom we were able to learn so much.

With years of experience providing the most varied services to Insurers and Reinsurers, we decided to open our own practice.

Doing so in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis was certainly not an easy decision, but it was conscious and necessary; we knew it was like hoisting sails in the midst of the storm, and from there came our motto that opens the page of our website - “difficulty is what wakes us up”. The pandemic, undoubtedly, will create difficulties for everyone, in addition to personal and family tragedies, and will compel new approaches, new work methods, cost reduction and substantial gains in operational and administrative efficiency. In this context, creating a new law firm also represented the possibility of a professional “reset” that would preserve the positive aspects of our work and allow us to improve or modify what we saw as unsatisfactory or, at least, not on par with excellence that we strive to achieve.

Hence the effort to put into operation a highly technological structure, which was born in compliance with the LGPD, but which, of course, would not be enough if it were not for the quality of our professionals, and to which we welcome Professor Sergio Cavalieri Filho, one of the greatest Brazilian minds in Civil Law, and Leonardo Fiad who has extensive experience in public law, as Consultants.